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Your cat's health is shaped by 3 main factors: Nutrition, Environment, and Genetics. By understanding all three, you can provide your pet with the ultimate cat care. Basepaws is the first cat care company built around Genetics.

Almost every cell in your cat’s body contains your cat’s unique genetic code. This DNA is inherited from your cat’s parents, which they inherited from kitty grandparents, and so on.

Where do you
get the DNA?

Basepaws gets DNA from your cat's cheek swab. No blood. No vet visit. Simply use the special swab provided and carefully swirl it around their mouth for a few seconds.

What do you do with DNA?

When your cat’s cheek swab arrives at our Los Angeles facility, we take the DNA out of it with a chemical extraction process. Your cat’s DNA contains more than 20,000 genes, which are spelled out in a unique genetic code that is around 2,700,000,000 letters (nucleotide bases) long. Basepaws takes this DNA and uses sequencing machines to read and record these letters.

what does the dna show you

What does the DNA show you?

We compare your cat’s DNA sequence to sequences from other Basepaws cats and the scientific community. More than 99% of your cat’s genetic sequence will be similar to every other cat;

it’s the small differences that make your cat unique.

Some sections of DNA contain genes that have already been studied and are linked to specific disease or physical traits. Other sections of DNA contain genes that are unknown, and every cat’s DNA will bring us one step closer to identifying the purpose of these genes and why they matter for all cats.

What do I get
in the report?

Basepaws uses your cat’s information to generate an easy-to-read report about their DNA. We will continue to update your cat’s report as we learn more — look for CONSTANT updates from us as we have new discoveries about the genetics of your cat.

Once you are part of the Basepaws family, your cat will receive a lifetime of benefits. This includes report updates, newsletters and articles about your cat’s DNA, access to the latest research on cat science, tools to connect owners of similar cats, and discounts on future products that will be specifically formulated for your cat’s genetic needs.

what do i get in the report

Our continuously updated research will provide benefits beyond any current test on the market. We are investing in our science and our community to create a future where all cats can benefit from our genetics research.

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Because every cat matters.

Want to know more?

Most other genetic tests screen only for "what is already known”, so as scientists discover new genes and traits, you would need to have the DNA tested again and again, with each new finding. Unfortunately, very little is currently known about cat genetics. Other cat and dog DNA tests only screen for a LIMITED number of different traits and/or diseases. Unlike our competitors, Basepaws actually sequences your cat’s DNA - even the DNA parts we know nothing about. We save this data, and as we learn more about what these unknown genes are doing, we will be able to tell you more and more about your cat.

The first human genome took many years and hundreds of millions of dollars to sequence. Your cat’s genome is similar in length and in complexity to the human genome. In order to make sequencing affordable for all cat owners, Basepaws sequences a selected 27 million nucleotides of your cat’s DNA, which is only a part of the genome. However, if you would like to have your cat’s entire genome sequenced and monitor every gene, we do offer this service as well – contact us to learn more.

The wildcat index percentage is determined using the relative genetic similarity between all of the domestic cat samples we test and four big cats (Tiger, Leopard, Cheetah, Cougar). This means we measure how genomically similar your cat is to these wildcats when being compared to all other domestic cat samples in our database, not to the specific wildcat base pairs themselves. We plan to add additional big cats and expand this testing throughout the year.

Yes! In addition to our selective sequencing + breed report, Basepaws can also sequence your cat’s entire genome or the "exome" (only the genes and none of the genetic packaging). Please contact us at if you’d like to learn more about these services and pricing!

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